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​​The ‘John Woolley’ Internal Club Tournament

June- December 2022


Congratulations to Yogit who is the winner of this new competition!

He defeated David Okikie in the Final 2-0 and collected the first prize of £175  Second place received  £75.

Time format: 25 minutes + 10 

6 Seeded Divisions of 10 players including a female only division.

Christmas Lightning

​These fun Lightning event are highlights of the year. A buzzer sounds every 10 seconds, and you have to move on the buzzer. Insanely quick chess, a great leveller and a lots of puzzled players.

Pieces are lost and won, mistakes abound, and usually a dollop of luck is involved. A chance to beat a serious chess player, and maybe win a cash prize! A large variety of hot and cold snacks is served halfway through, and of course the bar is open throughout.

Five Counties Online league

The Uxbridge 'A' team finished as winners this season by the smallest margin. They won their final match and finished on equal points with Oswestry but then garnered first place due to having more game points.

Club Championship

This is ongoing in the background throughout the year. Players have 30 minutes for all their moves, and the winner becomes the Club Champion, being presented with the Cup at the AGM. You can play as many games as you want to accumulating points at your own speed.

Annual Lecture

The annual lecture is usually in August.



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