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Frequently asked questions

Question: What competitions does the Uxbridge Chess Club enter?
Answer:  We have teams in the Hillingdon and District League and in the Bucks League.

Question: What other opportunities for serious chess are there?
Answer: There is a year-long Club Championship, where you can play against anyone else at the Club, at any time, throughout the year. The one with the most points becomes the Club Champion and is presented with the Bentley Cup. Also running totals are kept of performances in the leagues, and the person scoring the most points for Uxbridge, becomes the Player of the Season, being immortalised on the TPOTS Shield.

Question: Can I play friendly games?
Answer: This is the backbone of the Club. Friendly games are fun and a good way to improve. You will soon find people at your level, however high (or low) it is.

Question: What does the membership pay for?
Answer: Full Membership of the Ivy Leaf Club, and the cost of grading, club equipment, and competitions. We do not ask you to join until you feel you want to be a full member.

Question: Are there concessions for unwaged, pensioners, students and children?
Answer: Yes, please talk to a club representative for concession prices.

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