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First things first. Knowing what the game is about, how to set the board up and how the pieces move is the first step on the journey! So here is some information on the moves.

The Rules


The fine art of castling!

Winning and Drawing

Now we know how the pieces move and how the board is set up. It is always good to know the aim of the game. So here is some material on checkmate (victory) and drawing (stalemate).

Check and checkmate!
Checkmate with the queen!
Checkmate with 2 rooks!

The Opening

The board is set up. You know how the pieces move. You know what you want to do... How do we get there?? Start with the opening. A few basic rules help to get an idea.

The Opening

Getting Better - Tactics

Okay. I know how to move, where I'm going, how to open... now I want to win! Let's try some tactics!

Double Attack
The Pin
Discovered Attack

Removing the defender

Keep an Eye Out!

No doubt, you'll suffer this at least once in your chess career and the threat is quite often close to the surface. Beware of the back rank mate!

Back rank mate!

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