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Uxbridge Chess Club

About the club

Uxbridge Chess Club offers chess tournaments, club matches and league competitions and the opportunity to get a rating.

Membership is not mandatory but you cannot enjoy the benefits of competitions or a rating without becoming a member.

We participate in two local leagues: The Hillingdon League and The Bucks League.

Click on the Fixtures button (above) for the match diary.

We run several teams in these leagues and are always looking for newcomers to play for us.

Also there are always special events, such as The Summer and Christmas Lightnings, a Grandmaster Simultaneous, and an annual lecture.


At Uxbridge Chess Club, the Chairman Michael Price, the Secretary Peter Lord, and the Treasurer Colin Hughes and others are there to make you welcome.

There are team captains for each of the teams. Each captain is very experienced and will guide you in competitions you can enter.

You can rest assured that, playing with Uxbridge Chess Club, you will enjoy the atmosphere, the chess, the humour, the bar and the people.

Rapid improvement

Going to a chess club is one of the best ways to improve your chess playing. So if you want to find out what playing strength you are and improve then come along and enjoy!


There is a friendly bar in the centre of the club where you can buy low priced drinks and enjoy a chat.


Full annual membership is just £25 with much reduced prices for juniors. This price includes membership of the Ivy Leaf Club. You will receive a membership card too.


The chess club is open to all ages, genders and abilities. So come down and enjoy!

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