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Chess Camp Success

Another holiday, another 3 day chess camp with around 20 juniors everyday.

Lots of learning, fun & prizes throughout......

Day one was puzzles 45, lesson & ECF rapid games.

Day two puzzles 50, lesson & 22 junior (£150 cash prize) Simul against the coaches (David, Gagan, Colin, Daniel) rotating around the boards. Once again our minds were not completely in sync, Pavan the only one winning on the day (taking home £110 in prize money)

With 4 £10 prizes being awarded to the strongest/best performances on the day juniors.

Elijah, Kamran, Kavish, Noah.

Day three

puzzles, lessons & ECF Rapid competition(8 rounds / 5 mins plus 3) with 20 juniors taking part.

First Prize - Alex Yeo

2nd - Tiger Suryaatmadja (Unable to regain his title)

3rd - Edmond Cranfield

U9 medallist's

1st Rudransh Goud

2nd Jordi Kayani

3rd Ruddhav Patil

Top female

Spriha Sukasi

Photo with coach CM David Okike

Photo with Coaches Daniel Knight, CM David Okike

Two of our assistant junior coaches also taking part, Pavan, Devansh.

Finding the competition tougher than expected 😁

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