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Uxbridge JCC Vs Watford JCC Trophy match

Monday 22nd April we were visiting our local chess friendly rivals Watford, led by their excellent coach Roger Lancaster in 2 Hillingdon League matches and 12 board Trophy match.

Currently standing at Watford 3 wins Uxbridge 3 wins.

We knew it would be a tough match, with the top 2 teams in the division coming head to head, with lots of competitive games which it indeed proved to be a tense affair.

Uxbridge eventually winning 9-3

Classic 45 minutes plus 15

B1. Shlok B2. Gautam B3. Roy B4. Sanichya B5. Manik B6. Prab B7. Elijah B8. Mustafa

B9. Jordi B10. Joshua B11. Soham B12. Pratham

Division X League Standing

Match results

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