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Uxbridge B win Buck League II

Well done to Uxbridge seniors & juniors who took part in league campaign.

Winning the league in style with a 2-3 win away to 2nd place Bourne End.

Final League Standings, with both Uxbridge teams to be in the top division next season.

Big thanks to the 17 players who managed to take part and get us promotion to the Top division.

Hughes, Colin

Knight, Daniel

Knight, David

Barseghyan, Gregory

Foale, Ron

Foster, Brian E

Mohammed, Aram

Nandi, Asoke K

Espinosa, Lorenzo

Lawrence, Ron

Smith, Richard

Tarigopula, Pawan Kumar


Saujani, Maya

Gauri, Dhairye

Knight, Samuel

Tarigopula, Varish

Boby, Shawn

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