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U10 LB Hillingdon & Ealing Chess Competition

Sunday 21st January we held the second London Borough of Hillingdon & Ealing Chess Competition, with many talented juniors entering from local schools.

Starting 1pm to finish 5pm we had 6 rounds of (Swiss) Rapid ECF graded chess (25 minutes +10)

37 juniors competing from 19 different schools in the borough.

With some excellent, high quality chess and many talented Juniors it was always going to be tough. St Martins doing extremely well in this section with 5 players placing in the top 14 places.

1st Place - Max Wen 6/6 (Richmond) outside the borough

Joint 2nd place

Alex Yeo (Greenway School) 5/6 - New LB of Hillingdon & Ealing U10 Champion

Kyle Kassam (St Martins) 5/6 but just lost out on tie break

Max Wen, Alex Yeo, Kyle Kassam

Also many other juniors doing incredibly well, also winning medals

Aashi Aggarwal, Aadhya Parikh 4.5/6

Ishan Tiwari, Lukas Lazar, Kyan Sethi, Oskar Bangard, Parth Kanwarpal, David Hufkie, Lucas Tse-Fong-Tai 4/6

Final League positions

Chess results link

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