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U8 LB Hillingdon & Ealing Chess Competition

Sunday 21st January we held the second London Borough of Hillingdon & Ealing Chess Competition, with many talented juniors entering from local schools.

Starting 1pm to finish 5pm we had 6 rounds of (Swiss) Rapid ECF graded chess (25 minutes +10)

23 juniors competing from 16 different schools in the borough, was tough.

With some excellent, high quality chess and many talented Juniors it was always going to be tough and this proved to be with how close the top was.

Under 8 section

We had 3 players winning with scores of 5/6 with

Anay Deshpande (St Annes Catholic School, Caversham) winning the competition by tie break

Vedant Nedungadi (Two Waters Primary, Hemel Hempstead)

Luibava Maksak (Selbourne Primary School) - Becoming the LB of Hillingdon & Ealing U8 Junior Champion Who is also currently the UK Chess challenge U8 champion

Also winning medals for doing extremely well (4/6)

Rudransh Rangula Goud (John Locke Academy)

Benjamin Tombs (The Hall)

Akyra Dave (Cassiobury Infants)

With 3.5/6

Leonard Summers (St Helens College), Yugan Subhashini (Rabbsfarm School)

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